H&A Network is an international supplier of high quality used wine barrels for sale. From locations in the US, France, Italy and Spain, we establish partnerships with the best chateaux and wineries to offer used wine barrels for sale to the wine and spirits industry, coopers, landscapers and decorators.

H&A network can provide a full range of recently
emptied used wine barrels:

All sizes :
  • 225L
  • 228L
  • 300L
  • 400L
  • 500L
All types of wood :
  • French oak
  • American oak
  • European oak
All kinds :
  • Transport
  • Château
  • Traditional
A variety of sources :
  • France
  • Spain
  • USA
  • Italy

Our chartered barrels meet H&A Network quality standards (> QUALITY CHARTER)


H&A Barrel Management

H&A offers accessible and customized barrel management solutions from initial acquisition to the disposition of used wine barrels. Our flexible financing options help customers to efficiently manage costs and barrel inventories. At the end of the barrel’s lifecycle, with assistance from our team of dedicated specialists, we help clients to manage the challenging tasks involved in removing and reselling their used and empty wine barrels for sale.

“I appreciate the H&A services program for removal and resale management. This is not our job and we’re not organized to offer empty wine barrels for sale. H&A has access to a much larger market than ours, with contacts and resources to deal with used wine barrels. This is a very good solution for us: time saving and efficient.”
Jean-Noël Fourmeaux, owner @ VGS Château Potelle, Napa Valley, California

From its barrel management program, H&A provides top quality used wine barrels of french, american and european oak.

Comprehensive Services:
New Barrel Acquisition – Financing – Tracking – Used Oak Barrel Sales

At H&A we provide our customers all of the quality support and assistance they need to efficiently oversee their wine barrel inventories. We have a dedicated H&A international team working closely with a network of local agents and business partners to provide technical support in each country and region to handle local requirements as well as inventory movement across borders.

Through innovative financial management, barrel management and resale management services, we help our clients to succeed. Expenses are reduced, inventory control is simplified, and used wine barrels are responsibly recycled and sold. Buyers of used wine barrels can be certain of a reliable and steady source of quality barrels, coordinated among five logistics hubs in Bordeaux, Burgundy, Spain, Italy and California.

Used Wine Barrels Delivering Quality Control

Our quality charter assures customers the delivery of used wine barrels in good condition and ready for re-use. Each barrel undergoes an evaluation, including visual and olfactive quality control in the winery, and cleaning protocol. Barrel “identity cards” are available and may include original invoices, tests and quality controls, resulting in full transparency for every H&A used wine barrel.

“The fact that H&A sells our used barrels right when they are empty allows us to keep our cellar in order and provides H&A with fresh barrels. H&A is very precise about the quality of used barrels that shows a very good business sense and makes them a very reliable company.”
Susan Boswell, owner @ Château Boswell, Napa Valley, California

Our chartered barrels meet H&A Network quality standards (> QUALITY CHARTER)


H&A Barrel Management has been honored for excellent annual achievement and lasting performance in management and leadership with a 2015 Gold Award, for the best company of the year in the Agribusiness Category, at the French-American Business Awards, organized by the French-American Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco.

H&A sincerely thanks his clients and partners for their continued trust and loyalty, our company managed to achieve such an honor thanks to their support.
We will continue to provide you with the very best in quality and services designed to exceed your expectations.