The H&A group

Pioneer in the market dedicated to the operational management of barrel inventory, H&A Location is now the leader in this market.

The Group is present in Europe, U.S and continuing to expand in key market segments worldwide.



H&A Network is part of the H&A Group and specializes in the resale of used barrels.


VTo supply used barrels derived from our leasing contracts, providing total transparency in terms of the provenance and prior use of the barrels. Our core values are built on efficient and durable partnerships.

We resell oak barrels to several industry networks:

  • Wine industry (worldwide vineyards, coopers, distributors)
  • Spirits
  • Manufacturers, end of life barrel importers

Our barrels are inspected and our Quality Charter procedures ensures their compliance with the H&A Quality Standard.


We have a dedicated team composed of an international sales force which is made up of H&A personnel and a network of local agents and business partners.

Technical support is provided by country and regional quality managers able to handle the various local requirements.

Efficient coordination is provided by 5 logistics Hubs in Bordeaux, Burgundy, Spain and California and the assistance of our own staff and specialized carriers.