Our added value


H&A network benefits through the group’s leasing operations, a large supply of 60,000 plus barrels from the most prestigious French, Spanish and U.S. wineries produced by the world’s best coopers. We offer quality service which is unique in the market.

To meet your requirements, H&A Network can provide:

  • A unique selection from worldwide coopers
  • Oak from several sources
  • Various ages
  • The option of reserving your barrels before they are emptied

quality control: (> QUALITY CHARTER)

  • Cleaning of the inside of the barrels according to two procedures ( Level 1, level 2) using thermal shock methods depending on the sanitary condition of the barrels.
  • Storage in double skin containers with performance air quality control and sulfuring monthly.
  • Delivery of the oak barrels is managed by the H&A Network logistics department using carriers who comply with the specifications and the loading and packaging requirements establised by H&A Network.